Created in 1986 by a group of expert designers and technicians, leaded by the engineer Mr. Uberto Forgia, as the society technical referent, Cadauta Engineering begins working in safety and plant fields.
In these sectors, its great experience allowed to develop very important and considerable projects.
Thanks to its team’s experience and continuous updating, Cadauta Engineering is one of the most advanced offices in energy saving and bioclimatology sectors.
The society operational evolution leads Cadauta Engineering to develop its activity, through its members, into a real engineering laboratory.
Its interests were gradually widened towards structural and general architectural areas.
In the last years, new members became part of the social structure, allowing Cadauta Engineering to move towards the real estate sector, where further future developments are foreseen.
It’s very important for Cadauta Engineering to keep up tradition; as it detains one of the first studies, from the beginning, of a plastic material prefabricated house.
This one will become the company’s museum centre and will be studied as an example of a modern residential structure.