Energy saving

In the sixties, the waste of energy was caused by too low energy costs, compared with production costs.
During the oil crisis of 1973, energy costs became so considerable to lead the governments of many industrialized countries to promote energy saving interventions to reduce consumes and their costs.
Today, as many years ago, waste reduction requires to awaken public opinion to environmental problems.
Energy saving can be obtained in civil, industrial and service sectors through management interventions and reorganizations, resulting from the deep analysis about “how to consume” in one’s own activity:

  • the management intervention, coming from the planned control of the energy process and the good maintenance of consumption systems and devices.
    The management intervention also consists of finding someone, responsible of consumptions.
    This person is foreseen by the regulations in force, regarding activities, having high consumptions yearly;

  • the reorganization intervention is the result of the precise knowledge of “how to consume”, of the production equipment and of the use of the examined energy system.

  • It is essential that consumptions are monitored to focus the most suitable interventions, evaluating the return on investments, which are often stimulated by current regulations and can be facilitated by possible easy-terms loans.

    Energy saving interventions, concerning industrial and service sectors, are worked out by Cadauta Engineering; structural and plant engineering improvements are also proposed by its team, that evaluates necessary investments and possible funding.
    Cadauta Engineering establishes the plant engineering for the supervision and the centralized control of the technical data, developing maintenance programs.
    Energy saving consequences are a safer, higher quality level and lower environmental impact activities.